Walter H. Hunt - 'Dark' Series

Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Wing. R. 20060929. good space opera, fairly polished, a bit of honor harrington and bit of Babylon 5 a bit of Enders Game. interesting aliens, simplistic military maneuvers and combat, but good intrigue. a 6.
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Path. R. 20060930. part one of a series. a continuation of The Dark Wing but not directly following it, 80 years later. a lot more about the mental special abilities, and the Zor mythology and prescience. a 6.
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Ascent. R. 20061001. direct sequel to path, jackie continues lots of mystical dream stuff. some minor revelations about the masterminds behind it all. a 6.
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Crusade.       R. 20061004. jump 20-some-odd years, war with the Bugs. still the 6 colors the villains behind the scenes. Cults, AI, betrayals. not over yet. a 5.

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hotc said...

I am obliged to you for having read all four books. As for unfinished, please address your comments to Tor Books; I've finished the four-book arc, but await their pleasure to tell more of the story.

Walter H. Hunt