Christopher Rowley - Fenrille Series

Rowley, Christopher. The War for Eternity. R. 20060920. a 5. starts a bit disjointed, but he writing really picks up by the last 1/3 and the quality improves noticeably. had a hard time keeping track of the characters at first. good adventure/military stuff, and the addition of the 'spirits' and the created world was interesting. 1st written in a series of 2 with 2 prequels.
Rowley, Christopher. The Black Ship. R. 20060925. sequel to war for eternity. a 6. good continuation of the story. excellent military adventure, with the addition of mental powers. A combination of stories, the military sf, 1st contact, and human evolution of the mind. well written, his skill was raised to a good level by the end of war for eternity and stayed there.
Rowley, Christopher. The Founder. R. 20060926. prequel to war for eternity. a 5. the writing was good, polished, but the plot jumped from childhood, to young adult, to the trip, then when I'd just gotten a good hold on the character - he had a breakdown. the revolution in the ship was well plotted, the new info on the woodwose was interesting. But being a prequel there was nothing surprising.
Rowley, Christopher. To A Highland Nation. 20060927. R. 2nd prequel, Fair Fundan's history, the beginning of the Fein/human highlander community, less military sf than guerilla warfare, and banditry. a 5. Suggested reading order: The Founder, To A Highland Nation, The War for Eternity, The Black Ship. Since Black Ship is really major ending to the series, and the prequels don't give away anything of the plot.

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