Jordan Sonnenblick - Drums Girls & Dangerous Pie.

Sonnenblick, Jordan. Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie. R. 20061004. Young Adult tear-jerker. Quite well written. Brothers. cancer. Girls. and Drumming. an 8. Astounding depth to his passion for drumming - something which comes through well. Love of brothers and annoyances of little brothers, family crisis and growing up, taking control of what can be controlled. Girls, finding what was there all along, not what it looked like. Much sadness, quite a tear-jerker esp near the end, but a nice upbeat heartwarming ending. A little pat, but I was beginning to worry he was going to die, and I'd of thrown the book across the room if he'd had. Strong emotional story similiar to much of Cynthia Voight.

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