Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill - Bedlam's Bard Series

Lackey, Mercedes & Rosemary Edghill. Beyond World's End. R. 20061005. Continuing Bedlam's Bard + Knight of Ghosts & Shadows (and apparently mostly Rosemary's work). bard goes to NYC to finish Juliard. meets Guardian House, magic guardians of NYC, & a gargoyle. The Wild Hunt which is rather taken aback to find they're not much of a threat to modern armed paramilitary drug runners. Good story, but takes along time to get going, and you really do need the backstory of the previous books to know the characters, in fact you ought to have read all the serrated edge books too (not as necessary but there are references). a 6.
Lackey, Mercedes & Rosemary Edghill. Spirits White as Lightning. R. 20061008. Direct sequel to world's end, with all the same characters, but a new plot. govt agency after elves and search for 1/2elf breeding info. lord of the hunt - scary guy, but some interesting background on him. a 5. Really overall sort of Lackey-lite.
Lackey, Mercedes & Rosemary Edghill. Mad Maudlin. R. 20061010. more gripping that the previous 2. some tail ends unfinished, and a sequel at least is listed. some good interweaving of story lines, the mad protector/Bloody Mary was interesting. a 7.

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