Bleach - Anime, Season one

What's with the title? It's got to mean something in translations that I don't get. Still Bleach is one of the better anime I've seen. Maybe not as good as NGE, but close. It starts a little slowly, but quickly hooks you in, it has a good long plot and the episodes are often 2 or more part stories. Near the end of season one before then go to soul society, are some of the best episodes, but you need the background of the earlier got really appreciate them. Once they get to Soul Society they throw in some stupid characters for pure comedy relief and I didn't care for them as much, still the overall plot is going along nicely and the adventure is great. The animation has some interesting character designs, the people are not always standard fare, and that was neat. The intro has some great 70's-ish style. Death-Gods, and evil souls. Season one a 9,. season 2 an 8 season 3 a 9

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