Alan Moore - Promethea

Promethea, a superheroine explicitly from the realms of the imagination drawn by J.H. Williams III, explored Moore's ideas about consciousness, mysticism, magic, écriture féminine and the Kabbalah [wikipedia] . Intensely well written as just about anything from Moore, this series seems to contain his entire magic philosophy, and in fact over half of the issues are a primer on magic, kabbalah, tarot, etc, as Promethea learns it, by traveling the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. The series explores Moore's ideas about art and magic, combining elements of superhero action, metaphysical theorizing, and psychedelic hallucination, all focused on the adventures of Promethea, a metafictional character that possesses magical power over the real world. Promethea is also notable for wide-ranging experimentation in visual style and storytelling technique on the part of Williams and Moore [wikipedia]. Visually stunning with unusual layouts and art techniques, with characters commonly breaking the 4th wall, it is often a rather didactic philosophy lecture, yet overall is an intriguing and uplifting story. a 7.

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