David Drake - Lord of the Isles

Drake, David. Isles 01: Lord of the Isles. Reread 20061231. excellent epic high fantasy series. a 9. multiple characters, but kept within a reasonable and rememberable number, excellent magic, and lots of alternate worlds. but mostly just great characters, and good battles.
Drake, David. Isles 02: Queen of Demons. Reread 20061231. an 8.5
Drake, David. Isles 03: Servant of the Dragon. ReRead 20070101. again great characterization, epic -cross-dimensional battles, necromancy and armies of undead. an 8.5
Drake, David. Isles 04: Mistress of Catacombs. R. 20070103. further adventures, and bring more islands into the kingdom, some time travel as well as dimension hopping, all leading to the same point, woven together quite well. Giant spiders. an 8
Drake, David. Isles 05: Goddess of the Ice Realm. R. 20070110. more in a similar vein. The group is split each to their own quest, then reunites at the final battle at the end. Ilna - the evil version. an 8.
Drake, David. Isles 06: Master of the Cauldron. R. 20070111. excellent, still the same overall format, but a good story. made men coming and 3 attack. Cashel & Ilna's Mother - Mab queen of - somewhere, the King of stone and trolls, a cauldron of monstrous made men. an 8

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