Catherine Asaro

Asaro, Catherine. Primary Inversion. R.X. 20070113. Soz and Jub heirs to feuding empires fall in love, much shakespearian. a 5.
Asaro, Catherine. Catch the Lightning. R.X. 20070114. interesting blend of high-math science SF and romance and sadistic psi vampire types - with strong overtones of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's sime-gen series. Not spectactular but good adventure and well done romance. 100's years later. acidentially into the alternate past of 1987 LA. then back, some darkoverian feel. a 5.
Asaro, Catherine. The Last Hawk. R.X.` 20070117. the thought dead brother was instead lost and kidnapped by a society esentailly reverse muslim with the women in charge and the men in hoods and harems. the Dice game as a meme-program was interesting, and that aspect I quite liked, but overall while slightly better written still the same theme and feel, not quite as much sadism, but still... a 5.5.

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