Spamalot - was fun, but overall not worth it. I mean at $45 I expected a bit more than some dancing girls and a rehash of skits from Holy Grail with a smattering of other Monty Python skits thrown in the mix to change them up. Little new stuff. The dancing girls were good looking and the skits were fun, but none of them really measured up to the original, so re-watching Holy Grail would have been more fun. It was good don't get me wrong, but I've yet to go to a theatrical event and feel I've gotten money's worth, even this, which was probably the best of them (although Wicked was good). I guess I just don't have an appreciation for theatre, I'd rather see the movie. Actually I'd likely enjoy it more just seeing a filming of the play from right up close, than have the theatre experience. And they skipped over Castle Anthrax, which is one of the best bits in Holy Grail. a 6.

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