David Weber - Honor Harrington Series

Weber, David. Honor 01 On Basilisk Station. R
Weber, David. Honor 02 The Honor of the Queen. R
Weber, David. Honor 03 A Short Victorious War. R
Weber, David. Honor 04 Field of Dishonor. R.K. possibly the best one! (also saddest..)a 10. still my favorite. the Duel.
Weber, David. Honor 05 Flag in Exile. R.K.
Weber, David. Honor 06 Honor Among Enemies. R.K.
Weber, David. Honor 07 In Enemy Hands. R.K.
Weber, David. Honor 08 Echoes of Honor. R
Weber, David. Honor 08b Worlds of Honor 01 More Than Honor R
Weber, David. Honor 08c Worlds of Honor 02 Worlds of Honor R
Weber, David. Honor 09 Ashes of Victory. R.x(hb) excellent. Honor series is a 9/10!
Weber, David. Honor 09b Worlds of Honor 03 Changer of Worlds. R.K.
Weber, David. Honor 10 War of Honor. R. 2004112?. where WhiteHaven gets Samantha & Honor & WH learn they Love each other - not one of the better ones, all politics, little action. a 5.
Weber, David. Honor 10b Worlds of Honor 04 The Service of the Sword. R. 2004121?
Weber, David & Eric Flint. Honor 10c Honorverse 01 Crown of Slaves. R. 200510? Zilwicki, Erewhon. an 8-9
Weber, David. Honor 10d Honorverse 02 The Shadow of Saganimi. R. 200510? HB.BC a 7. at least it's a return of individual action, not admirals & politics, but no Honor.
Weber, David. Honor 11 At all Costs. 20080111. More personal, a bit less politics, but still not enough adventure and too much going on with secondary characters. At times the battles become lists of numbers of missiles and sound more like math equations than stories. With so many characters it is at times, hard to remember who's in what navy. The introduction of a 3rd party villain, brought over from the Honorverse series with Flint, was good as it was getting depressing to see 2 groups of essentially good guys slaughtering each other. The end is a bit depressing many popular characters getting killed, but the stuff about Honor's personal life was fun. Good but not as fun an adventure as the earlier stuff. a 7. R.X.

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