Tamora Pierce - The Immortals

Wild Magic. shades of Bradley's Hawkmistress, and again Lackey's Heralds. a stronger more emotionally gripping story than the first of Lioness. Continuing the same land with the Lioness grown and with children. about 9 years since the end of the lioness quartet. Return of the Immortals - the mythological beasts, harpies, gryphons, dragons, fae, etc. good an 8.
Wolf-Speaker - the valley of the magical and intelligent beasts, or at least once Daine's done with it. off in it's own direction, so less of an homage to Bradley. good an 8.
Emperor Mage. land of slaves and cages, an good adventure, and quite a bit more god-works going on, some more hints of her father. an 8.
The Realms of the Gods. a good conclusion to the tetralogy, much ado with gods, and beats gods, meets her parents, and new darkings, and big battle against forces of chaos. a bit disjointed, but fairly epic. some romance brewing, and a good happy ending. an 8 the series.
good Young Adult fantasy that isn't such kids stuff that adult fantasy readers would be bored, and isn't so violent or sexual that even youngster who read above their grade wouldn't enjoy it.

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