BRUNNER, John. SHEEP LOOK UP, THE. PB. R. A very hard hitting sf cyberpunk w/o the cyber. an apocalypse novel which ends as the apocalypse begins. well written, but I thought too many characters with not enough to differentiate between them too many times I was confused at who was who. The damn scariest novel I have ever read! extrapolating the environmental problems we currently have and if we continue like we are we will end up as sheep. Entirely convinced me to become a Trainite (but one of the peaceful ones) If you've ever been worried about the environment but put off doing anything you'll never do it again after reading this book. The scariest thing is that it feels so real. There's hardly a thing that seems implausible let alone unlikely! disease run rampant, mega toxic fallout, wearing masks to breathe in any city. The jumping pov to all the many characters really brought the global perspective to you made the problem all the more huge looking. Liked the design of the book as well many many small
episodes, advertisements, tv, news, billboards, etc. And the chapter quotes were horribly great. Unfortunately the solution wasn't very nice. Real but not nice. Recommended more for it's ideas and philosophy than for spectacular writing style but worth getting thru the problem places to see the whole picture. a 10 for content a 6 for construction and an 8 for style = 8

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