Jane Lindskold - Wolf - FireKeeper series

Lindskold, Jane. Wolf 1: Through Wolf's Eyes. 2004?. R.k. neat feral wolf-raised girl to 'queen' animal speaker. good battle & some intrigue. a 9. Reread 20061212
Lindskold, Jane. Wolf 2: Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart. 200505? R.k. more intrigue, more magic. an 8 very good sequel. Reread 20061213
Lindskold, Jane. Wolf 3: The Dragon of Despair. 20050513. R.k. revolt of the beasts, to new Kelvin and oddities and more magic an 8. good series, set for more. reread 20061215
Lindskold, Jane. Wolf 4: Wolf Captured. 20061216 R. kidnapped to a distant - sort of aztec - land, much to-do with religions, more romance than usual. Derian & woman of the new land, Firekeeper & Blind Seer (yow). Lots of divine and divination, not quite as good as the previous a 6. answers some minor questions from the very beginning. missed the usual gang tho, with only 3 characters from the previous books involved.

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