Jasper Fforde - The Big Over Easy (A Nursery Crime)

Fforde, Jasper. The Big Over Easy (A Nursery Crime). R. 20061112. a crime noir mystery, with characters from children's nursery rhymes, as real. Humpty is murdered, Jack Spratt (the giant killer) investigates, with Sergeant Mary Mary. A wild cast of characters you instantly recognize, or eventually recognize with surprize, including Prometheus, Old Mother Hubbard, all the famous detectives of fiction from Sherlock Holmes, to Mrs Marple, Solomon Grundy, Georgie Porgie, the woodcutters, 3 Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, and many many more, all for some reason living in Reading. A true crime mystery with all the trimmings, and all the extra's you'd expect from Fforde. an 8.

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