David Weber & John Ringo - March Series

Weber, David & John Ringo. March 1 March Upcountry. R.k+file good an 8 better than Ringo alone. maybe not quite as good as Weber alone. the kid is bratty but gets over it quick enough that you don't end up disliking him. wagons west on another planet ) having to 'go native' to get weapons. guns & dinos. an interesting setting. hardcore military
SF. Reread 20040120.alice.
Weber, David & John Ringo. March 2 March to the Sea. R.k-file 20040122. lots of vs. barbarians, developing primitive artillery & guns. much the same, only larger scale. a 7 or 8.
Weber, David & John Ringo. March 3 March to the Stars. 20040208. R.x. take the port, easy enough, lose more and more people tho, sad end, but the series isn't over at least one more, prob only one more. a 7.
Weber, David & John Ringo. March 4: We Few. R. 20061026. finish the story of sorts, but sets up for new stuff. a 6. loses the effect of the 'march' but still good fun. Becomes more intrigue, less battle, 'tho there is still much. Add many more characters - tho lost many in book #3 so prob didn't add overall to the number. The series is Written by Ringo from an outline by Weber. Ties up most of the previous loose ends, and only makes few more. Ringo's website says something about 3 more books to finish the series, but there is a good ending to the plot in this one, not particularly happy, but successful.

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