Michelle Shirey Crean - Dancer of the Sixth

Crean, Michelle Shirey. Dancer of the Sixth. R. 20060804. an excellent 1st book. Military, Spy, fighter jock, secret spy organization, in depth secrets, multiple races of men, torture death. well written for the most part, just a few bits where it gets confusing, unfortunately the end is one, not the big finish, but the denouement is off, bit of romance. a solid 6. great potential for further stuff. good plotting. excellent detail filled setting. One of the fighter-jock sf sub-sub-genre. Dancer code name of a former hot shot pilot now assumed KIA, joins the 6th - apparently the clean up crew war, sort of well armed spies, full of vengeful Aruyx a race of minor telepaths massacred by the enemy who has an odd love of torture. She finds a double has taken her place in the 4th (the fighter-jocks) and is in their version of the Blue Angels. There are some excellent twists and revelations. It's set up for a sequel without truly needing it to finish the story. I would have said she was a writer to watch out for - great things might be forthcoming - if it didn't look like this book from 1993 is her one and only book. A shame, she had a good voice, and this could have been continued to an excellent trilogy.

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