Greg Bear - Vitals

Bear, Greg. Vitals. R.X. 20060812. ugh, a disappointment, actually rather reminded me of Tim Powers last - Declare. starts off as if it's going to be an interesting immortality story and ends up a spy/intrigue/mind-control story. Never really got into the biologist character - I remember being at pg 80 and thinking, when is it going to get good... The historian character (2 character pov story, half way thru switches) was much more interesting - but it could have been that the plot was going strong by then. but worst of all he loses, and never really figures out exactly what was going on... bah. I'd expected much better from BEAR, GREG. since THE INFINITY CONCERTO. was amazing, but this isn't up to his old stuff. It is a good spy/mind control/mild sf story, and might appeal to the Dan Brown Da Vinci Code crowd, if they weren't too much into the art & religion aspect of that story. a 4.

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