Previous Movies

Blast from the Past. 20060709. ha the ex boyfriend is the captain from Firefly! A great and funny movie, Walken steals his scenes, and Clueless girl is cute when she pouts, and the druggie/worshiper is amusing. Story is cute, sort of fun. good overall. a 6.

Young Master. 20060702. early Jackie Chan, some good kung-fu, not much plot, and what there is, is kind of confusing. oh you can follow it, but why bother? the dragon fight at the beginning is quite good. a 6

Fantasy Mission Force. 20060703. GREAT! B-Movie Weirdness! Nazis, Japs, Amazons, and post-Apocalypse Kung-Fu! One of the best B-movies, crazy kung-fu, WW2-ish, fantasy. Truly bizarre plot, nazis & Japanese attack ;? Canada? capture 4 generals - one from France, one from England, one from Africa, and one from America - Abraham Lincoln!, take them to Luxembourg! the army chooses guy captain to form a team to rescue them. including the escape artist guy, the explosives guy, the old west Elvis impersonator guy, his psycho girlfriend, weird asian Scottish highlander guy, and his sidekick dressing in roman armor. Jackie Chan is a thief the team runs into and he helps - some. they are captured by Amazons, escape a haunted house, and finally have a show down with the 70's car chariot riding Nazis & Japs. Most everyone dies. Jackie revenges them. bizarre and surreal plot, quite a bit of good kung-fu action. lots of B-movie sets, and costumes. just great! taking it for what it is
- a 9.

36 Crazy Fists. 20060703. fight choreography by Jackie Chan. 98 lb weakling, begs to join temple to learn kung-fu to avenge his father. he learns with amazing speed. tons and tons of long involved fights. he wins some he loses, he goes back for 1 week of training, he wins, gets new challenge, 1 month training, fights the big boss master, he wins, with help, the end. a 5

40 Year Old Virgin. 20060515. eh, lotta creepy embarrassing stuff,but some lovey romancey stuff, and just bit too accurate with some portrayals.

Shaun of the Dead. excellent funny movie. an 8

Underworld 2. 20060126. bloodiest movie ever. not most violent, but certainly most bloody. a good action adventure vampire werewolf amusement. a 6.x

Grand Canyon. (1991) VHS. X. a 5. a bit preachy, but excellent work from Kline, and steve martin, and danny glover was good, the teen boys were a bit over done. a nicely moralizing peace, with a pleasant end.

Light Sleeper (dafoe sarandon)(VHS) a 7. a bit slow, an interesting drug dealer story. very little action, more of a finding himself, sort of a reverse mid-life crisis. 40 yr old dealer suddenly may be out of the biz, and what to do? dafoe is good and the guy who can and is going to change, but can't find the direction to turn to.

Memoirs of a Geisha. blah, a 2. excellent photography, and some quite good acting save it from total ick. but the story and setting just were not nice.

Elizabethtown. 200512. much better than expected, a chick flick, but excellent, great wake/memorial, excellent road trip, romantic comedy, and good at all three. an 8 imdb

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. watched at Tracys on her big drop down screen and projection tv. yay. one of the best movies ever and prob my 2nd favorite comedy just after Holy Grail. Rape of the Sabine women, or rather women, or rather Alfred. England I don't belive it! Just a conspiracy of cartographers? imdb

Mirrormask. 200510. absolutely great a 9. The actress who played Helena was a bit off at times, but it was minor, the story could have been a little stronger - less happenstance more struggle, but was well done. Excellent visually, and I though not at all difficulty to follow. imdb

Corpse Bride. 20050925. excellent. quite reminiscent of NBX but less a musical. carter hold the show - her character the bride is the best one. Depp's characters is too much a Victorian wimp, and victoria just lets stuff happen to her - at first she tried to fight it but gave up. so the story is a bit weak, the visuals are as good as NBX, the music is very good. a 8. imdb

Brothers Grimm. 20050828. excellent, good creepy fun fantasy, keeping to the original Grimm tales, not the prettied up Disney stuff, as good as any Gilliam movie, not his best, but still good fun. an 8. imdb

Batman Begins. 20050701. a very good batman movie - Ras Al Guhl was excellent, good setup for the batman universe history, an excellent superhero movie, certainly better than the last few batmans, as good as Burton's but with a different slant. a 6. good action movie, some excellent actors in the minor parts. imdb

Wicked - the musical - live at the pantages. 20050630. Good. excellent sets, costumes good, effects very good, music good, lyrics ok, story good. overall good a 6. went with David, Shelley, Alex, Me.

Howls Moving Castle. 20050618. Miazaki's new movie - very good, a _great_ adaption. prob the least for kids of his movies, tho. thick with plot - well a little bit - certainly more than American animated films, but certainly not overmuch. good ending, added a but more war stuff than I remember from the book, and toned down howl a bit. a 9. maybe not my new fav Miazaki movie but certainly top 3. imdb

Thirteenth Floor. 200506? watched again. good as I remembered - but more, continues further than where I remember the 'end', didn't really think the clean up ending was all that memorable - I stopped when they find out they're the '2nd simulacrum' gonna have to read the book and see what it was like. a 7. atmospheric, no-name cast but many recognizable faces.

Death to Smoochy. 20050428. very good a 9. excellent cast, excellent dialogue, very funny good denouement & end.

Sin City. 20050402sat. a great movie - if you liked the comix you'll like the movie, not perfect - there are a few scenes with dialogue that is just a bit off, but a solid 9. possibly the best adaption of original work ever.

Princess Bride, The. 20050120- 5th? viewing at least. excellent. very amusing. a 10.

Black Hole, the. 20050105. wow, poor acting, plotless story, dated effects, nice theme music, and overly cutesy robot r2-d2 knockoffs. storyless random ending. a 2. actually very amusing to watch and make fun of, but not really fun in & of itself. leaden acting, very dated effects, totally unrealistic science, weird Dante & hell references, ending just trying to get by on effects with no plot what-so-ever. some of the dumbest fights, robots doing quick-draw target practice?!, very hmm suspect robot fight scene with 'rape' overtones near the end. Red 'black' hole, strangest meteor shower just aiming at the ship no-where else, could have just moved a few feet & got out of the way, still attempt the maneuver even as the ship is being destroyed via meteor - no attempt to abort & fix it first. robot esp, but wait just her, no he did it too, no just her, huh? not even consistent within itself. an all-effects movie where the effects didn't last the test of time.

Daredevil - 2 he would _never_ allow some one to die no matter _what_ they had done let alone just a rapist! yet within the 1st 5 min... bleah. otherwise ok action.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the - 9. excellent

Around the World in 80 Days.jackie chan version. 20041229. good, funny, nothing really like the book or other movie, but a good jackie chan movie with vintage futuristic sf stuff. a 5.

Lord of the G-String the R version. a lot of new scenes that are not in the NC-17 version, all the sex is cut drastically. over all a funnier movie, less time between jokes, more hokey jokey stuff. 20041229 a 6.

Napoleon Dynamite. 200412. eh, more cringe-worthy than funny, but there were some laugh out loud moments. high school geek horror slice of life. a 4.

Without a Paddle. 20041120. pretty funny once it finally got funny. a 7. took too long to get them into the woods, but good. moral ending but not too bad.

Chronicles of Riddick 1: Pitch Black. 20041118. pretty good horror sf - sort of Alien/Aliens feel. not really great production. good characters tho. a 5.

Chronicles of Riddick (2) eh, lots of sf effects, but not really much of a story. a 5.

50 First Dates. drew & adam sandler. very cute with lots of funny. a 9. better than wedding singer.

Producers, the. Mel brooks, very funny, ? was a bit over the top during his anxiety attacks, the secretary was hilarious, nice and short, no slow bits. a 7. 200411? DVD - the extra cut scene was good, don't really know why it was cut. lots of slapstick, and situational comedy.

Terminal, the (tom hanks) good amusing touching funny. a 6.

Shrek. an 8
Shrek 2. a 7

Bruce Almighty. great movie. an 8

Hulk, the (2003) - ugh the best bit was the cameo by Stan Lee & Lou Feregino - a 3

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - excellent a 8 or 9

Ladykillers (tom hanks) funny black comedy. great a 7.

Dodgeball. very funny an 8.

Harry Potter 1: the sorcerers (philosophers) stone 8
Harry Potter 2: chamber of something 7
Harry Potter 3: Prisoner of Azkaban 7

Cabin Boy. 20040317. watched DVD - no extras to speak of, but a great surreal film. a 9.

UHF. 20040317. DVD. Weird Al movie! never heard of it before, but it's good. a 6.

The Last Samurai. 20040314. with the whole crew from d&d. good choreography on the individual fight scenes, the battles were not bad too. the samurai were good tom was enh. a 7.

Traffic. 20040213. interesting, but enh,. a 5. neat structure & dir. but story...

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash. 20040310. excellent Beatles parody mocumentary. an 8

Monty Python's Holy Grail. (DVD with extra scene) 20040310. best comedy ever a 10

Spinal Tap. 20040303. heavy metal mocumentary. great an 8

A Mighty Wind. 20040303. folk music mocumentary. (most the actors from spinal tap) a 7.

The Cat in the Hat. 20040221. ug. the fat bastard in the hat. the kids weren't bad sally was pretty good actually. freak boss! what the ! a 1. i did laugh, but not much.

TimeLine. 20040125. sun. with the whole crew kathy,dan,duane,mark,shelley. fun but nothing great, poor plot but pretty good medieval action. a 3, poor acting too... but a fun to see once movie and worth $2.75 :}

Big Fish. 20040111. tall tales, very good. an 8. (Burton)

Shipping News, The. 20040108. over at Kathy & Dan's place with the huge projection screen. actually a good movie, I'd thought it was going to be a rather sappy chick-flick, but while still rather a chick flick, it had more backbone than most. newfoundland, pirates in your family tree, good work by spacy, a 5. nothing spectacular, but better than a lot of stuff.

Paycheck. 20040105. pk dick story, good as always, similar theme as usual,, not the best actors but a good story, and fun. - saw with Ally.

Cheaper by the Dozen. 20040103. a funny movie, better steve martin than usual (lately). but nothing like the book, other than 12 kids... maybe some names? - still for what it was it was amusing a 5.

Scrooged. 20031224. GREAT x-mas movie - very funny, and a bit touching at the end. - plus a bonus - book at a gift!, and Carol Kane as the ghost of xmas presents, and Bill Murry is in top form on this one. a 9 - one of my perennial xmas favs

Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King. 20031217 8pm. 20031221 4pm. Great! & I like the accurate to the book endings. a 10

Once Upon a Time in Mexico. 20031211. Rodrequez, bandares, . a sequel to desperado itself a remake of El Mariachi. a good if bloody movie a great as expected performance by Jonhhy Depp, over the top violence, but a nice back story with hyack. fun exciting movie. an 8.

Magic Knights Rayearth - whole series. 200311.not bad, but not really great, good but not great animation, sorta pushed it to get the giant robots into the show, okay story, a bit simple minded, liked the end of season 1, season 2 was more action fighting robot story and less good story than 1st but better action stuff.

Nauscia of the Valley of the Wind. Anime. 20031021. excellent drama, good animation, great story, an ending that fits very well with the story (unlike a lot of anime!) a 9.

Captain Studly. cartoon on cartoon network. The Originals. 20031008. old superhero (superman parody) & the League (Justice League parody) some really funny bits, (like the Sgt.Rock/Cap.Fury parody character having had a sex change!), come back from retirement to fight their old nemesis. overall it's been done before (powerpuff girls ep with the batman/robin parody jumps to mind as most recent) but not really done any better. Still fairly amusing overall, don't know if I'd bother to keep watching the series, but this episode was fun. a 5.

Trigun. Anime ep#1 the $$60 billion Man. 20031008. amusing, great action animation, a bit too goofy, but pretty much a fun romp, western SF. a 7

Charlies Angels 2: 20030911. a 7. very very funny, very, and good action, not seamlessly putting the actress into it all the time but not too bad, great cameos.

Slackers - 200309 - SVCD - what the hell?!? gah, weird!, Freak!!, & what did it have to do with 'slackers' anyway? they put waaaay too much effort into their shenanigans. cool ethan is a stalker psycho freakmonkey! the cheating stuff was good 'con' style action adventure & the puppy love stuff was sweet & there was lots of funny bits, but this movie is very very odd. an 8 of 10. low production values, but not adversely affecting, slap-dash ending tho. might be more disturbing than amusing in the final count, but it is fun.

Pirates of the Caribbean. 20030710. Thurs. very fun. Depp was excellent! lots cool cannon & skeleton fight scenes, good pirate stuff. sabre fights actually looked good & 'realistic' too.

RollerBall (200x- the new one) (2 SVCDs) silly & dumb. a 3.

Orange County (2 SVCDs) funny, jack is great.

Minority Report (3 SVCDs)very good, but sorta cop-out end

Boondock Saints (2 SVCDs) excellent!

Mr. Deeds (Full Screen) (2 SVCDs) funny

New Guy, the (2 SVCDs) hillarious! funk, & Henry Rollins!

Birthday Girl (2 SVCDs) Good!

Rat Race (w/extras) (3 SVCDs) quite funny(cleese)

Collateral Damage (2 SVCDs) glad didn't pay much for it..

Core, the. Armageddon rip-off not as good. Better than it looked

Gangs of New York. 20030626. really neat an 8

Holes. 20030629. a9 great - word for word the book.

Formula 51 (sam jackson)SVCD good story, not that great done, but fun.

X-Files. a 2 hour episode of the show, with some bigger effects, but not many...

DareDevil. 20030422. well it had a better story than spiderman .. but . Lots of in references to daredevil artists. Dan & Kathy worked on it :} sort of odd, that he kills that guy early on, not his style. good job showing the 'sight' tho. great action - hong kong wirework.

4 Dogs Playing Poker. 20030421. pretty neat W/ Tim Curry supporting character - tho he has a fairly big part. Reservoir Puppies. art thieves, suddenly need $4million life insurance & murder pact some plot holes but a good b movie.

Spirited Away. 200304. excellent. one of the best fantasy Anime ever seen. strong plot, good ending not too surreal, interesting characters with good designs, excellent creepy ambiance, an 8. not humor tho there are funny bits, not horror tho a bit creepy, sort of an action/romance/fantasy. well done, deserving of the Oscar.

John Q. 200304. good as I'd thought it might be.

Wedding Singer, the - -much funnier than I expected. very good,kind of hokey but fun, an 7.
20041022. watched again on tape. a great funny movie drew & sandler are a good pair. great soundtrack, amusing story. great performances by the older secondary actors. an 8.

007: Goldeneye 007 - I didn't like the beginning (which is often the best part of a 007 movie) and it was so obvious who the villain was going to be. a disappointment. it seems that w/o a book to base it on the 007's aren't too hot. - 3 -

007: World is Not Enough - worst bond yet, dumped all the intro stuff no t&A cute chicks but dumb story, rotten use of Cleese! a 1 just 'cause it had cleese

3000 Miles to Graceland. cool one of the best movies he's done, as good as escape from NY

Alice in Wonderland - DeBell 'R' version (well an NC-17 version anyway)

Alien 4: the resurrection - -hella better than #3! very good - guys from city of lost children an 8

American President, the(an?) okay fairly humorous and with an upbeat social commentary fix the environment ending - 5 -

American Strays - -interesting - tilly - 3 near separate stories a 6

American Werewolf in Paris - -ok, a 5 - good FX

Antz - -good 7 -

Armageddon (WideScreen) - -damn good. a 9

As Good as it Gets (nicholson) - -pretty good a 6

Asswoman in Wonderland - xxx - -great! xxx version! funny as all hell 8 -

Avengers, the (Uma, Connery) - -eh. a 3 liked her evil twin better

Bad Boys - Action, okay no big deal some small funny bits but not enough. - 3

BASEketball - -ok 5 - a disappointment after their other stuff -(like Cannibal the musical drunken director's cometary!!)

Batman forever - (please be forever before I have to see it again)

Big Lebowiski, the - funny!

Billy Madison - good funny

Biodome - good funny

Birdy the Mighty -anime - bleah

Blade - -pretty good. a 7 great action - dumb actor

Blue Thunder - McDowell played The Bad Helicopter Guy -

Underworld. ok. vamps vs. weres. a 5.

Blues Bros - -neat, kinda funny, some ok blues stuff even if it was a musical - a 6 -

Blues Brothers 2000 - -awful a 2

Bound (theft comedy) - a neat sexy thief-mobster girls night out and putting one over the bader guys - very sexy lesbian stuff, and fair suspense. - 8 -

BraveHeart (gibson) - v good, very real battle scenes, gripping, epic - 8

Bride with white Hair, the & The Bride with white Hair 2 - -(jap fantasy/martial arts, w/leslie cheung) - saw a dubbed vers and it was pretty neat, sfx tho not super expensive were good action interesting in the interview a section shown with subtitles translated totally different than what it was dubbed as - so how much of interesting subplots were lost? - 2 was subtitled and the story was mildly more interesting but the ending is not a really happy one more or less the 2nd half of the movie a 7 for the pair -

Buffalo '66 (Ricci) -good, ricci - wide screen would rock 7-8 -

Bullets Over Broadway _ very funny, good twists of black humor, - 8 -

Camp Nowhere (lloyd) - i like lloyd

Can't Hardly Wait - -eh 3 - I could've waited a looong time

Cemetery Man - -hilarious black comedy/surrealism - 9

Chase, the - ok not bad thievery and the ending was nice but no big deal - 5 -

Chasing Amy (clerks, mallrats) - -an 8 - -neat! comix and lesbians, and very much connected to clerk and mallrats but more adult and more relationships,
fun but not happy story

City of Industry - -good tarentino like 7 -

Clerks - weird, b&W very funny but the thing with the dead guy was sicko - 8 -

Clueless - cute

Coneheads - bleah

Conspiracy Theory - -A great movie - it's all true! and the ending was very well done, didn't kill him off but didn't ruin it by giving a 'happy' ending with girl. - 9

Crow, The. a 10. one of my favorite adaptions of all time, not 'right on' but the feel was good, wished for a better actor for that black cop, but.. the main villain was cool (even if a extra addition) excellent soundtrack,

Crow, the: the city of angels - they killed off the girl! that was extra disappointing - besides the fact that it just wasn't 'right' enough. some nice visuals, but a major disappointment - 5 -

Dark City (dir crow) - -cool atmospheric a 7-8

Dear God - An amusing thing sort of funny and such but no great winner - 4 -

Desert Blue =- bittersweet cool story Ricci character an odd one (as usual) but was quite a neat story sky blue empire cola. an 8

Desperado - not as good as the low budget original version - el mariachi (or however you spell it)

Die Hard with at vengeance (3) © terrible © all the connecting aspects of the DH series were dropped, xmas, his wife, and what was left was mediocre, -2

DRAGONHEART _ loved the part where the dragon and the knight team up to scam the villages the rest was no big deal - 6 -

Dumb and Dumber - very bad - sick in parts, toilet humor sicko - 1 -

Ella Enchanted. hmm. the book is much different and perhaps much better, or at least a lot different. this is fun modern/fantasy/fairy-tale mixed all up. added different villain. changed a lot.but. liked the music. a 6.

Peter Pan (2003) very good version an 8. excellent hook!

Ed Wood © very good, the guy who did bella was awesome, - 9 -

EMPIRE RECORDS - GWAR APPEARANCE - This movie is about a record store. One of the employees (who wants to be a rock star) dreams about being fed to the World Maggot (or something like that). - -a fun movie too unreal not like a place 'I've' ever worked! - 7

Escape from L.A. - as bad as you would expect - tho I really liked the end. campy funsville - 6 -

Ever After (Drew) -good 8 - great visuals

Everyone Says I Love You (drew)...

Exit to Eden (anne rice-comedy!) - I actual only saw parts of it - kind of sexy, but very dumb nothing like the book (which is ok, I wasn't thrilled with
the book either) but the comedy was weird -my god how they ruined that book, it turned out to be kind of a funny movie but geeze - 4 -

Faculty - -good rip off of invasion of the body snatcher which was a rip off of Heinlein's puppet masters(book) - but good action 7 -

Fallen, the (denzil, demon) kinda creepy

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (ricci,thompson, Depp, Gilliam) - excellent! 8

Fifth Element, the - a great visual sf movie, mobieus' set designs were spectacular, flying 30's cabs most of the aliens were good too, campy plot,
but xianity being from some aliens was great - 8 - but that dj guy was too annoying!

Final Fantasy = great CG animation, okay story. a 7 not perfect but getting better human cg ani, prob better if I'd ever played the game

Fire & Ice (bakshi & Frazetta!) but still bakshi! ummm

First Wives Club, the - blah

Four Rooms - some were very good, some not so. -

French Kiss - funny, cute, good romantic - 7 -

From Dusk 'til Dawn - the 2nd half is especially great - 8 -

Get Shorty - very funny, the best thing travolta's done since pulp fiction - 7

Godzilla - -not so hot. a 4 -

Gone in 60 sec. remake - cool cars - makes you race around on the way home from the theatre, don't really like cage but this was an excellent flick good balance of fast cars & theft stuff. an 8

Grosse Point Blank (highschool assassin reunion, cusack) - funny but doesn't go far enough - a 7 -

Guncrazy (drew) - -not bad a 6 -

Gundam 0083 eps ? & ? - -good would like to see the series -

Hackers - kind of cutesy at parts, sort of derivative but interesting view of the culture, and him as a kid was neat - 7 -

Happy Gilmore - actually much better than it looks, or our best testing would seem to indicate - 6 -

Hard Rain - -ok 5 -

Heat - a bit depressing - 4 -

Hellraiser 4 - parts were good, but too many parts, and not long enough for them all - 5 -

Highlander (dir cut) - extra flash back scene to ww2, and letter boxed - extra good an 10 -

Holly Man - eddie murphy - -funny but not wildly - good but not that type of comedy 6-7 -

Home Fries (Drew) - ok, 6 - sexy preggers Drew

Hunt for Red October, The (1990. Doctor Petrov Tim Curry) -

Hunted, the (lambert) - not bad - he got a jap sword again! (near the end) and it was a pretty good modern ninja movie - 6 -

Hurricane Street - -ok, but very bittersweet ending 5 -

I Worship His Shadow - prequel Tales from a Parallel Dimension, showtime) - 7 great series!

Ice Storm, the (ricci, kline) - -cool a 6-7 -

Independence Day - ugg - the spfx weren't bad, one or 2 neat lines, - 3 -

Jackal, the remake (willis was good as a villain!), good! some bad camera work, but a good action movie - good a 7 -

James and the Giant Peach - not bad at all, added some to the book (mechanical shark thing!) and didn't kill the aunts (brought them back at the end) and added the north sea pirates stuff (Jack reprise!), and toned down and changed some of the end but was still quite good, most of the spirit of Dahl. - 8 -

Joe's Apartment - actually really good. 7 funny, surprising from MTV

Johnny Mnemonic - a disappointment - cut down the best part of the story, the dolphin, to a mere cameo, and what was that rap guy doing in there!? - 5 -

Judge Dredd _ fair action, god_awful acting. ok sfx. only one of the freaky villains. mean machine. dredd's character changed _ unlike the comix _ but the rest was mostly fairly close. - 4 - but didn't use the Anthrax song!!!

Jury Duty - was ok not a good as the college one but not bad - not really a parody of oj as the preview's tried to say but it had some funny bits. - 6 -

Killing Zoe (from creators of pulp fic + true rom) _ quite good, comparable to true romance. - 8 -

Kingpin - funny

Kite (anime) - actually the edited version is a better story than the uncut dir vers. add more sex but mostly for no effect.

Knock Off - DVD pretty bad some interesting camera-editing work but overall poor dir & acting 3

Serial Experiments Lain: (anime) seen eps (layer) 1-7 the 1st 2 DVD's excellent surreal cyberpunk schoolgirl Techo-rave wired story, bizarre and really neat an 8 so far but will get better if ending makes any sense at all! - a 9 for the series.

Last Action Hero - surprisingly good for all the reviews that panned it. it certainly could have been better if they'd left the funny bits in but it was good. - 6 -

Last Man Standing - willis 30's western/gangsters thing great gunfights 7

Lawnmowerman 2 - boo 4

Lethal Weapon 4 - blah

LEXX: Tales from a Parallel Dimension - -tim curry! - excellent series

Liar, Liar (carry) - not bad funny stuff and a good vehicle for carry - a7 -

Lord of the Rings (live action 2001) 10!

Lord of the Rings (Bakshi,ani) - well it's a bakshi, AND it's also only half the story. - 5 -

Lost in Space - yuck, little girl is cute but... 3. chandler as the pilot!? :)

Mask of Zoro, the (banderas) - -ok a 4 -

Matilda - good, left quite a bit of the stuff in a 7

Maximum Risk (van damme) - very forgettable, I can't remember it. - 2 -

Meet Joe Black - -good 7 - meet the incarnation of death on vacation

Men in Black - quite funny but they had to put in a plot and it wasn't so great, but all the little bits were great - 7 - rap shit at end sucked

Mercury Rising (willis, kid-codes) -found myself agreeing with the villains! should just off the kid. blah, don't _want_ to agree with the villains!

Michael - -ok 4 - angel

Mimic - -ok 4 - mira

Mortal Kombat (lambert) - lambert was great! as the wizard, the rest was so-so, but he was cool! - 4 (lambert - 8) -

Most Wanted - much forgettable

Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh) -amusing - 7 -

Mulan - -diz - funny dragon - not bad story 6 -

Multiplicity - another that could have been great but - he did do a good job of acting against himself - a 7 -

Muppet Treasure Island (1996, Long John Silver- Tim Curry) curry was great! but there was far too much singing - 3 (curry 7) -

My Boyfriend's Back - -great cult comedy horror zombie madness 6 -

Mystery Men - excellent!! 9 next time I play a superheroes game I gotta be Carmine the bowler (as he is now!)

Natural Born Killers - very good equal to pulp fiction but darker, i loved the jagged production aspect with toons and b&W. - 9 -

Negotiator - -ok 4 -

Net, the - a more realistic hackers - but with less to it. 5

Niagra Niagra (action/kidnap/turetts)

Ninth Gate, the - DVD Lots cool antiquarian book stuff, freaky satanismentalist neat book movie 7

Nothing to Loose (martin) - -ok, some funny bits, but very very obvious, and the combination of black social cometary with the buddy humor wasn't so great, and martin is too much a 4 -

Opposite of Sex - -great! ricci 8 -

Orgazmo - 10 - absolutely funny, much better than BASEketball, -

Oscar (1991, Dr. Thornton Poole=Tim Curry) -

Pam & Tommy Lee -slightly xxx -mostly boring 1 -

Patch Adams - -funny but with short horribly sad bits 7 -

Patriot (gibson) great rev. war story, (my favorite US war <g> ) good story, only minorly jingoistic. good action, 'realistic' battles (much like braveheart in that respect) a 7

Patriot (segal) dvd ok not much action 4

Peacemaker - ewww action of sorts s - a 3 -

Pecker (Ricci, John Walters) - v.good 9 -

People vs. Larry Flint, the - a really good movie - strong, not that much t&a (not that I mind...just sort of expected more) creepy - didn't know he'd been shot and paralyzed - 9

Playing God - -ok 6 -

Powder - good, few movies make me get all teary eyed and this one did - it must have some emotional impact. and it does plus it's a good light (as in social) SF piece with a bit of religion but it wasn't 'god' stuff and was nice enuf. - 8

Practical Magic - -very good 8 - great witches

Princess Caraboo - really cute, bit of a steal from moll flanders at times but also very neat - an 8 -

Professional - -great ! 10 - really really want to see uncut french version

Prophecy, the - great cometary on xtian religion - pretty good movie too - 8

Whole Nine Yards, the a 6.
Whole Ten Yards, the a 4.

Puppet Masters, the ©(Heinlein) low budget and far from the book, not even in the future and cut out the whole aspect of nudity as a defence. - 5 -

Van Helsing. 2004 great horror-adventure with comedy. exactly what I expected. fun. an 8

Quest, the (vandame) - -god awful - but r.moore was cool - 2

Quick and the Dead, the _ okay a western a little over done at the end. - 6 -

Replacement Killers, The (chow yung-fat, sorvino,Woo) I expected far better things from them... 5

Reservoir Dogs - good gritty and hard - 7 -

Ring Master - -jerry springer - ick 2 - girls were cute

Road to Wellville - funny! and a bit suspect i think - 7 -

Rob Roy _ a bit too real at times more than braveheart not as epic again slightly over done ending - 7 -

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975, Doctor Frank-N-Furter= Tim Curry) - a classic, but must see at theatre - 8-9 (on video 4) -

Romeo & Juliet (new '90's vers) decaprio -really cool! the update was great! - 9 -

ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION - funny silly, and ditzy - a 6 -

Ronin - quite disappointing for the great cast it had, 4 -

Rounders - -ok - poker isn't got much action to it 5 -

S.F.W. _ interesting and fun darkish comedy - 7 -

Saint, the (val) - -eh, ok, some neat stuff, much better than the phantom, but not as good as the Shadow - -a 4 - it could have been much better with just a little care -

Screamers - creepy sf from p.k.dick 5 not much money on sfx

Siege - -ick 3 -

Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD. amusing, but tromeo & Juliet was way better. 5

Shadow Conspiracy (sheen sutherland hamilton) - sort of obvious and silly - a 3 -

Shadow, The (1994, Farley Claymore -Tim Curry) - good a 6

She's All That - -had ok parts but gaah rich kids in high school dumbnesss 2

Six Days / Seven Nights. eh. 4

Small Soldiers - -ok 5 -

Snatch: brit with deltorro & pitt, diamonds & boxing, very very funny shit, pikers & thugs, &goofs, similar feel as lock stock & 2 smoking barrels or trainspotting but with a larger body count & less drugs. :) a British pulp fiction has the mcguffin - diamond in this case, a great! cast of characters with the best! names I've seen ever, a great editing job quick cuts to stills on the introduction of the characters, - much like a sequel in spirt to lock stock & 2 smoking barrels - a 9

Soldier - -good, tough- despite having russel ,<g> 7 -

Sorcerer Hunter vol 2 anime - -horrible!! just bad pseudo comedic love 0 -

South Park vol 7, 8, 9 - -8

Starship Troopers. well finally did a Heinlein movie with lots of FX but... no actors... 5

Strange Days (dir Cameron) - neat - quite millenialish - 7

Striptease -demi moore - -funny a 6 -

Tank Girl - the toon stuff was good, but all around not surreal enough to compare with the comix - 5 -

Taxi Driver - -disturbing but slow 5 -

Terminal Velocity - okay no big deal, action sky diving was neat - 5 -

There's Something About Mary - -eh 2 -

Things to do in Denver When you're Dead - good 7

Three Musketeers, The (1993, Cardinal Richelieu =Tim Curry) - and in the theatre at the end when king asks what they want someone in the back of the theatre yells out "to sleep with your wife" - very rocky horrorish cracked me up.

To Die For - great black comedy 5-6

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - funny -7

Touch - -weird religious crap - good tho 6 -

Toy Story - ok 6

Trainspotting - totally great - 10 -

Tromeo and Juliet (dir cut, Troma, soundtrack sublime, motorhead+) -sick and very funny - a 9

Truman Show - -slow but ok 5 -

Twelve Monkeys - Gilliam - 9 -

Undercover Blues - very bad © some funny bits but.... - 1 -

Unstrung Heros (weird uncles) - they advertised this tear jerker as a comedy!!! - a good story for all that kids mom dying and dad's a funky inventor - and uncles a bit nuts - a 7 -

Vampire in Brooklyn - pick what movie it's gonna be a comedy or horror you really can;t do both! and not creep people out -

Vampire$ - very bad adaption! 3 of what was rather a good book, not as good as Armor but ..

Very Bad Things - -very bad- -sick black humor 4 - too disturbing for me very creepy black comedy - funny! but... ewww.

Waking Ned Devine - -good- amusing 6 -

Water Boy - -eww 4 -

WATERSHIP DOWN - good but the book was better, mixed up some stuff and not long enough. - 6 -

Waterworld - oh horror the horror this is such a awful movie, I could happily strangle the little screaming tattooed girl! - a 0 freaking zero! - © far too over done © mad max in the water © no big deal. I hate!!! that little girl!!! she was sooo annoying!

What Dreams May Come (williams ) - -great 8 -

King Arthur. (2004) not too bad a historical action/fantasy but not really Arthurian. a 5.

White Dwarf (Francis Ford Coppola & Bruce Wagner) pilot so is severely lacking in the finish - since it's only the pilot! , but very stylish, even if I didn't like the main actor - a 7 -

Wild Palms (Oliver Stone & Bruce Wagner) tv miniseries - neat, not the best actors, or acting from them but the story was good - a 7 -

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory _ kept surprisingly close to the book, good even for a musical - 6 -

Wizards (bakshi/Frazetta) - -usual bakshi ani -ok - 4

Shaolin Soccer - amusing - if you are somewhat of a soccer fan or martial arts fan it's good if you're too into it - it's probabaly insulting, but it's fun. a 7

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