Juliet E. Mckennan - Einarinn fantasy series

Mckenna, Juliet E. Einarinn 1 The Theif's Gamble. Elemental magic, atheric magic, evil Eskimo people, a fun story mostly. a 6 Livak the theif's pov
Mckenna, Juliet E. Einarinn 2 Swordsman's Oath. Ryshad the warrior's pov. too little Livak in it. but more odd cultures shown, the archipelagoes. find the lost land. revive the lost people.
Mckenna, Juliet E. Einarinn 3 The Gambler's Fortune. 20060730. a 6 the series so far, at least another probably 2 more books to finish. Livak the theif pov. the forest folk, and the mountain folk this time.

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