John Ringo

Ringo, John. A Hymn Before Battle. R.X. attack on other planet kick ass with battlesuits. a 7.
reread 200509??, reread 2008016
Ringo, John. Gust Front. R.X. a 7. good characters, tho lots, very Heinlein battlesuits, very hardcore military SF. aliens attack & humans join with other aliens to be the front line troops. -again with the only humans can kill theme (best done I think by foster in the call to arms series, but done pretty well here,) attack on earth lots of destruction but kick ass on first wave. gung ho stuff. reread 200509?? reread20080107
Ringo, John. When the Devil Dances. R
Ringo, John. Hell's Faire. HB (signed). R. 20050919 excellent SF military series, very hardcore military, but good alien stuff going on in the background,. a bit too many characters at first to really get into but by the 3rd book you do know them well enough to sink into it. An 8 the series. reread 20090108
Ringo, John & Michael Z. Williamson. The Hero. 20051016? R.X. LURPs on bug planet. then hunt & stalk each other. a bit simple, and not pushing the storyline any. a 4.
Ringo, John & Julie Chchrane. Cally's War. R. 20061020. pretty much all Julie I think, an interesting spy/intrique/assassin story, but does little to futher the plot of the overall series. a 6.
Ringo, John & Tom Kratman. Watch on the Rhine. R. HB. 200510? Pos vs. the SS. hardcore military SF with a lot of German SS historical stuff. pretty good a 6. end chapter fast forward to destroy the 'Elves'.

Ringo, John. Princess of Wands. R. 20060907. interesting modern fantasy. Christian with out bible thumping. - as the character is also. really a collection of 3 short stories, one fairly long, one novella, and a short ender. Con stuff in the 2nd story, and several characters who were certainly parodies of real sf authors including the villain who had to be David Drake, allusions to Robert Jordan, a character who had to be Baen, and one may have been Ringo too. secret magical defenders in the FBI to fight the demons and monsters which are really there. power of faith, any faith, even Christian ) to combat evil. good stories. a 6.

Ringo, John. There Will be Dragons. R.K 20060907. excellent historical-military with high-tech nano-SF, body mods, universal power utopia. a bit hard to swallow that they so quickly accept the loss of all the high-tech. but once that's done, it does go very well. several hints of previous 'history' and excellent fantasy/medieval warfare.
start of a series. a 7.

Ringo, John - Into the Looking Glass. excellent hard sf, sometimes high-science, but still great military sf, some of his very best stuff. a 9.

Ringo, John - Knight series
1: Ghost. best military fiction ever, and throw in some hard-core bondage sex, (which is fine, but came as a bit of a surprise!)
2: Kildar - with Kildar the series really takes off, Vangarian guard, elite warriors, All-father, and machine guns.
3: Choosers of the Slain
4: Unto the Breach
it just gets better and better - sticks with the Kildar's pov mostly perhaps why I like it more than his other stuff. 9 the series.

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